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On the following pages you will find a multitude of smileys that you can use to brighten up forum entries, emails and messages or simply to express yourself.

To use these smileys, you can copy the respective URLs in different codes. Your code preference will be stored with a cookie, which will make it accessible automatically when you visit again.

Please do not use the smileys collected here to either decorate your own homepage or to link to them directly. This also applies to the direct incorporation into a forum software by a forum host.

The use in self-refreshing pages is also to be refrained from as it increases the traffic volume enormously.

The sides with most hits :

Smileys: happysignscharactersmusiclove

Avatars: funfacessignsanimals

Midi- Smileys: confusedsadactivityfoodparty


Tipp: Nailart and Naildesign